1/23/14: Dr Mark J Augello: “Cleansing Toxins from the Body”

Weston Price documented the declining health that resulted when people in diverse cultures around the world got away from their health-giving, indigenous diets, after they had yielded to the displacing foods of modern commerce.

In addition to producing unhealthy foods, modern commerce has also been making the environment toxic. Dr Price died before he was able to witness all the negative effects of modern day toxins. Benzene, petroleum-based pollutants in vehicle exhaust, arsenic in water supplies, chromium from plating companies, formaldehyde in plywood and kitchen cabinets, Bisphenol A in plastics and canned foods, tetrachloroethylene at dry cleaners, PCB’s in fish and other foods and in pesticides, and heavy metals in antiperspirants are just some of the chemicals wreaking havoc on our bodies. These toxins get stored in our fat cells, brain, tissues, and liver.

Dr Augello will talk about how cleansing can rid the body of these toxins and allow it to once again function normally. He will provide specifics about the cleansing formula and supplements he uses in his practice.

He will also address problematic nutritional/digestive system matters: excess sugar in our diet (leads to obesity, peripheral neuropathy, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease), Candida overgrowth (from excess use of antibiotics and steroids), leaky gut syndrome, insulin resistance, leptin resistance, hormone balancing, stress and its effects, being overfed and undernourished, and proper nutrition.

Dr Augello’s talk is the featured presentation of the January quarterly meeting
of the Lehigh Valley Chapter of The Weston A. Price Foundation:

January 23, 2014 – Thursday – 7 pm
at the United Steelworkers Hall

53 E. Lehigh St, Bethlehem (you enter the big parking lot from Center St
at the equivalent of 316 Center St using Google maps or Mapquest)
just north of the New Street/Fahy Bridge.

Local producers may bring grass-fed / organic / biodynamic products for  sampling or sale – check out their tables before & after the presentation (doors open at 6:30pm) – and bring your coolers! <> Books & Videos will be available.

Free Admission (donations invited). On-site parking.

About Dr Mark J Augello:
Doctor of Chiropractic
Born 11-9-67
Born and raised in Bethlehem PA
1985 Graduate of Bethlehem Catholic HS
1989 Graduate of LaSalle University
1993 Graduate of PA College of Chiropractic
Graduated Summa Cum Laude
Valedictorian of his graduating class
Started practicing Aug 2, 1993 in Bethlehem PA
Opened Dr Augello’s Health and Body makeover Aug 2, 2013