4/27/2017 – Charis Lindrooth, DC: “A Little Dirt Doesn’t Hurt!”

Join us for our Spring meeting on 4/27/2017. It will feature the return of Charis Lindrooth, DC. Doors open at 6:30pm at the United Steelworkers Hall in Bethlehem. It’s free and there’s plenty of parking. Her presentation: “A Little Dirt Doesn’t Hurt!”
About the presentation
As we tend to our herbal gardens the soil at our feet is teeming with life, microbia of all sorts. Similarly, the human body harbors up to ten times as many microbial cells as human cells.
What are these microbes and what are they doing? What do they tell us about ourselves? From weight loss and cancer, to chronic inflammation and even decision making, these bugs are playing a major role. Let’s take a look inside and see how we can foster a friendly family of bugs and approach wellness from a new perspective.
About Dr. Lindrooth
Dr. Lindrooth possesses unique knowledge, experience and perspective. She was trained as a doctor of chiropractic and feels that gives her a balanced view of health, integrating both science, nature and the mind-body connection. As an herbalist, she relies on medicine from the plants around us to support and nurture good health. Still an avid lifelong student, she studies the latest scientific research so as to better help her patients understand and make decisions about their health.
Learn more about Dr. Lindrooth at www.CharisLindrooth.com
Additional Event Details
Doors open at 6:30! Come and check out a variety of local farmers and producers that may bring grass-fed, organic, and/or biodynamic products for sampling or sale. Attendees can check out the produce tables before and after the presentation (bring your coolers!). Books & videos will also be available.
This is a free event. However donations are greatly needed and appreciated as contributions are our major source of funding — we do not receive financial support from the national office of the foundation.
United Steelworkers Hall, 53 East Lehigh St (a one block long street; gps might send you off to West Lehigh Street), Bethlehem PA 18018
The entrance and event parking is around the back of the building. You enter its big parking lot from Center St at the equivalent of 316 Center St, just north of the New Street/Fahy Bridge, around the curve to the east.
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